Aldon's Crossing

Aldon's Crossing 1.0.5

Magic Advertures For PDA

Prepare to be transported to an adventurous world of fantasy, magic and intrigue in Aldon's Crossung Beta, an RPG for PDA.

As with most role playing games, you can create a new character and define his strengths, intelligence, magic, luck, etc.

Its main features include:

  • Multiple enigmas to resolve.
  • Fights with dangerous monsters.
  • Animales and allies.
  • Tutorial.
  • COLOR support and grey scale.

Escape to a new world of fantasy while enjoying one of the best RPG titles for PDA.

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Aldon's Crossing


Aldon's Crossing 1.0.5

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  • by Anonymous

    Aldon's Crossing - Freeware?.
    Well, it's listed as "Freeware," and though you can play it up to level 4, you can...   More